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A dedicated and prolific educator with years of experience teaching multiple disciplines, I offer private instruction in piano, video game music composition, and music theory via Zoom. Working with students from beginners with no musical background to industry professionals, I love teaching students of all ages and levels. My lessons are progressive and structured, built upon customized curriculums to help students to efficiently achieve their musical goals. I provide a supportive and engaging approach towards learning the art and craft of music, while challenging my students as a focused and goal-oriented teacher. For lesson inquiries, feel free to contact me via my Contact Form or


Piano Lessons

With a teaching approach that is supportive yet challenging, I offer piano lessons for students of all ages and levels. Having a strong background in piano performance, I studied under distinguished professor Victoria Neve at San Francisco State University, recently performing a solo piano recital. I believe in cultivating discipline in my students, guiding them to build the necessary focus and commitment required to excel in piano studies. Alongside developing solid piano technique and fostering musicianship, I prioritize the understanding of music theory. Through structured theory workbook assignments, my students gain fluency in the language of music. I incorporate the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) exam pieces into my teaching. By working through progressive study of scales, chords, and pieces, my students learn to develop healthy practice habits, leading to mastery of their repertoire.

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Video Game Music Analysis/Composition Mentorship

With a focus on mentorship, I offer lessons in video game music composition, drawing on my extensive experience as a leading educator in this new field. I have taught many college-level courses on video game music literature and composition and given talks at conferences such as GameSoundCon and MAGWest. Additionally, I have mentored at the International Game Developers Association, helping aspiring composers and game audio professionals build their skills in game audio and composition. As a mentor, I guide students through their stylistic goals, helping them deepen their understanding of the music that inspires them. I provide practical exercises and score study to strengthen their analytical skills and develop compositional technique, while broadening their knowledge of the literature in the video game music canon. Through critique and feedback on composition assignments, I help students develop their pieces and improve all aspects of their arranging, harmony, and melodic writing.

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Music Theory Tutoring

For those seeking to acquire the music theory knowledge to understand classical, jazz, pop, musical theatre, or video game music styles, I offer music theory tutoring. I provide the foundation require to read classical music scores and lead sheets in popular music genres. Students will gain fluency in the basics of notation and music rudiments, including rhythms, time/key signatures, scales and modes, intervals, chords, and basic analysis, progressing onto first-year college-level music theory, equivalent to AP Music Theory. Students wishing to study popular styles will learn the elements of lead sheet notation alongside ear training, gaining the fluency in chord symbols and harmony necessary to analyze and efficiently write chord progressions in jazz, pop, and video game music. Lessons are supplemented with workbook exercises to practice and reinforce the concepts discussed.

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